Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OTR 001

Hey, Smegma again. Today, I kinda wanted to do a review of sorts on the OTR .001 " Soultip" squeeze mop. It is one of the most popular refillable mops on the market, and for good reason.

Picture courtesy of ArtPrimo.

Just as a starting point, HOLY SHIT, the nib is like an inch wide. With a wide diameter like that, your lines are guaranteed to be fat and juicy. Many online purveyors also sell replacement nibs for this bad-boy in case yours gets lost, torn, or crusty with all the paint you're going to be running through it. The nib is either felt, or a very felt-like material. Kinda like what the hairy end of Velcro feels like, and is literally a chore trying to get one of these to tear. These mops also feature a easy-squeeze plastic body. To be honest with you, it feels a little flimsy, like it could puncture or break if it was jabbed with something while in your pocket (i.e. keys, pocketknife, arrowheads[don't ask]). However, whatever plastic they do use is not easily eaten through by xylene or other harmful materials found in paint and paint thinner. The markers come empty, so what you put in it is completely up to preference. Since the marker is so squeezy, putting a viscous mixture is recommended to encourage lots of drips. I filled mine with a mixture of Silver Rustoleum bucket paint, and equal parts of paint and lacquer thinner.  Below is a video of the mop in use, filmed by ArtPrimo. You can visit their website to purchase OTR Products (although I personally picked mine up at a local shop), and for further reviews of graffiti products.